(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 26 August 2015, Stockholm, Sweden, Jhulan Yatra Lecture)


Our temple in Pretoria, South Africa, is on a street where there are many embassies. You can see signs on various buildings saying Embassy of … and the names of the countries. Then, when you come to our temple, it says, Embassy of the spiritual world!”

Spot on, one would say! The temple is an embassy of the spiritual world. And you know how it is – once you are in the embassy, you are actually in the territory of that country. In the same way, although we are in the material world, when we go into the temple, we are no longer in the material world.

Just like when we go through the door of the temple, some invisible wall is crossed and we step into another dimension. It does not appear so to the common onlooker who sees it just as another place in a row of many places – shops, restaurants, bars…
No, that is not just that. It is the place which is dedicated to purity. It is the place that is dedicated to Krsna’s pleasure and nothing else. In this world, Krsna is the centre!

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