(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 26 August 2015, Stockholm, Sweden, Jhulan Yatra Lecture)

Krsna consciousness is for idealists. Perfection is possible. It is not necessary to settle for less than your dream because what you can get on the spiritual platform is greater than your dream. In the material world, you know how it is – you dream and then you get a little less. Always a little less! You know what I mean!
But in spiritual life, you dream of something and then what you get is greater than you can imagine! Dhruva Maharaj is the proof. “I was praying for broken pieces of glass and I received diamonds! I approached you, my Lord, for a kingdom greater than my father’s but you gave me your personal darshan and exceeded all my desires. It was more than I could imagine!” said Dhruva Maharaj.
So in this way, the spiritual reality exceeds our dreams. That is what spiritual life is meant to be – a life based on eagerness, where we are alive at every moment! It is exciting! It is promising! We are making a breakthrough! And when we are alive then miracles start to happen! People start to respond to us. Suddenly doors will open. That is how it goes when we are alive.

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