(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 10 September 2015, Lenasia, Evening Lecture, Bhagavad-gita 7.7)


Besides the holy name and transcendental knowledge, there is one more factor in our life which is life itself. Life, is also is our teacher because Krsna is merciful to all living beings. It is said that the uttama-adhikari (topmost devotee) is seeing that everyone is perfectly situated because Krsna is taking care of everybody. Nobody is neglected by Krsna. Krsna makes arrangements for everyone’s purification. So there is no difficulty, no problem. “Everything is fine,” says the uttama-adhikari. Krsna is taking care of everyone and that is true. Therefore, through life itself, Krsna is making arrangements for our purification also.

So, I was reading a story which I will share with you and in this story, life is compared to a house. It says that Krsna is entering into that house and is renovating the house. Now, we knew it had to be done. We knew there were things in our life which needed fixing. So Krsna is fixing these things – the illicit activities, the inappropriate elements, meat, fish, eggs, gambling, intoxication, lust, greed, anger, envy, madness, illusion – all these things, they have to go and Krsna is taking them out of the house. So, we are not surprised. In this way, Krsna has been renovating our house and it all seemed to make sense.

But as of late, as of late, what is he doing!? He is breaking the whole house! No, really. I mean he is doing all kinds of things! He is turning everything upside down! He breaking our whole life! What on earth is he doing!? Krsna, you know, we thought he was going to fix our house and make it like a pleasant little cottage but this is not a fact. Actually, he is adding a wing here and a wing there. He is building a palace! And he is planning to live in it himself! This is what is going on. So in this way, the purification is not only going on by reading Bhagavad-gita and not only going on by chanting Hare Krsna but it is also going on by life itself.

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