(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 02 February 2005)


There is only one adventure, the big adventure of crossing the ocean of nescience and going back to the spiritual world. But you do not get it for nothing! You have to do better. You have to regularly look at your performance and think, “What have I done wrong? I have to do better!”

If you don’t do better, you will become dry and you will be a materialistic devotee. It is not cheap to become a pure devotee but we can! And if we don’t become pure devotees, the alternative is that maya will pull us down. There is no neutral stage, it is either to be ecstatic or to be harassed by maya!

It is one of the two. There is no “in between” and it does not matter where we hide – it does not matter whether we hide in the garb of a renunciant or whether we hide on a mountain or whether we hide in working very hard… still it may not be enough to save us from the harassment of maya until we get really absorbed, until we really get very serious about offenseless chanting! That is where we have to put our energy in!

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