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From Sydney, Kadamba Kanana Swami travelled to Mumbai and arrived at Chowpatty Temple in the evening of 17 October. Even though Maharaj was still recovering from the flu, he gave Bhagavatam class the next morning. The following day, he was supposed to speak again but a brahmacari mistakenly announced that Prabhupada will give the morning lecture so Maharaj refused to do so.

After two days, the next destination was the Wada Ecovillage which is Chowpatty Temple’s farm. Maharaj had many meetings to attend there. However, for the first few days, he was “free”. Using jet lag as his reason, Maharaj stuck to his motto “early to bed, early to rise” and on some days rose before 1 am to chant! On the second day at the farm, Maharaj gave a Bhagavatam class in the Temple which is roughly about ten minutes walking distance from the cottages.

Then Maharaj started preparing for the meetings and was quite busy with office work. There were about seventy-five GBCs on the farm for these meetings.

The temperature rose to 37 degrees Celsius during the day but Maharaj could not go for a swim in the pool because of his health condition. However, he “escaped” two days early from the meetings to go to the Juhu Temple where he went for many walks on the beach, just like how Prabhupada used to do! Recordings from Mumbai will follow. On 28 October, Maharaj travelled to Vrindavan.

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