(Kadamba Kanana Swami, August 2006, Goloka-dhama, Germany, Lecture)


Prabhupada was real, Prabhupada was genuine, Prabhupada loved Krsna, Prabhupada saw Krsna and because Prabhupada said God is blue, He is blue! It is as simple as that! Therefore Prabhupada is the living proof of Krsna consciousness, that it all works. Prabhupada is not only our inspiration, not only the source of our faith but Prabhupada is also our anchor. Whenever we have a doubt, Prabhupada is the anchor, our saving grace as we are riding on the waves of our individual nature. He is the safe ground to which we always return. We trust him for the person he was, for his teachings and we know that in his teachings we will find our answers; we find the basis of our Krsna consciousness. This is where we return, to the safe connection with Krsna. We meet him in everything he left – we meet him in his devotees, we meet him in his books, we meet him in his instructions and so on.

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