(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 09 September 2015, Randburg, South Africa, Youth Group Bhajans)


Srila Prabhupada said that five plus five is ten, two plus two is four, and everything plus Krsna is Vrindavan. So this formula is very brilliant and very simple and if we can just apply this formula by adding Krsna, everything will change. That is all that needs to be done – just add Krsna in any situation.

The holy name is one way to add Krsna but prasadam is another way. Some lectures on your phone and some pictures on the wall are also ways to add Krsna. There are many varieties of things which we can do to add Krsna but if we add Krsna then everything automatically starts to work because it becomes the spiritual world and then all maya will disappear.

Actually, Srila Prabhupada described how one corner of the spiritual world becomes covered like how a corner of the sky becomes covered by a cloud. So there is this corner of the spiritual sky which is covered and known as the material world. In the material world, people think that they have fallen to material life whereas the truth of the matter is they are still in the spiritual world therefore it does not take much. One simply has to come to the point of really getting rid of the cloud and to the point that you really believe it. I know you have all heard it before. “We are really in spiritual world.” Everyone goes, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” This is right but we do not believe it but hopefully, one day we may believe it!

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