(Kadamba Kanana Swami, April 2010) 


It takes some practice and willpower to just detach the mind from the senses. It can be done when one has no faith in sense gratification. Like one of my favourite statements is, “A declaration of no faith in sex!” I like that because sexual desire is ringing at our doorbell from time-to-time, and it is back again. Just when you thought that it was all over, there it is again – sexual agitation.

I read about a cat in America. The owners tried to get rid of this cat and drove all the way from the Northern State to California. They left the cat in California and the cat walked back home! Quite impressive and sexual desire is no less potent and no matter where you leave it, it will always re-emerge, again and again and again.

But if we have no faith in sex then it becomes much easier to say, “Here you are and there is an opportunity, I know, but it is not going to make me happy. Therefore, why invest so much energy into this particular activity.”

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