(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 17 August 2014, Goloka-dhama, Germany, Janmastami Class, Srimad Bhagavatam 10.41.6-10)


There are ten effects of Cupid mentioned by Srila Visvanath Cakravarti Thakur: first comes attraction expressed through the eyes, then the intense attachment in the mind and heart, followed by determination and loss of sleep! Next, one becomes emaciated, then disinterested in external things – one cannot do anything else anymore as one is becoming totally obsessed. Then comes shamelessness and finally when Cupid really hits, one becomes stunned and then totally mad. And when Cupid hits very, very hard then even death is possible.

However, in the relationship with Krsna, it is said that death does not happen but all these other symptoms do. Krsnadas Kaviraj Gosvami says that among the ten states of Cupid, death is inauspicious in relation with Krsna and it does not usually manifest in Krsna’s premi bhaktas, however they do manifest the other nine symptoms, culminating in becoming stunned in ecstasy.  It is said when Kubja saw Krsna in the city of Mathura, she became totally overwhelmed by Cupid – for her it was love at first sight!

In the description of the appearance of Cupid it is explained that suddenly Brahma found that a form had expanded from himself. Brahma looked at the form and he had no idea who the form was, so he asked the form, ‘Who are you?’ and the form replied, ‘I am Kamadev, Cupid, and I am shooting arrows in the hearts of all living beings!’  Brahma said, ‘Really?!’  Then Cupid began to shoot his arrows in all directions and all the demigods became totally overwhelmed and started developing all the various symptoms we just mentioned – they began to perspire and they became beyond themselves. Brahma also became affected and in this way, once Cupid manifested in the universe, he turned out to be the most powerful in the entire creation. Brahma could not resist him and even Siva was getting agitated by the effect of Cupid. There was no living entity who was not affected by the arrows of Cupid and who did show symptoms in the body and in the mind. Therefore it is said that the Cupid is the most powerful of all.

radharaniBut of course, we know that Krsna is Madan-Mohan, the one who can bewilder even Cupid and still greater than Krsna is that devotee of Krsna who can capture Krsna and that is Srimati Radharani, known as Madan-Mohan-Mohini. Madan-Mohan can steal away our mind from the affliction of Cupid which is very strong and we know that even devotees can be affected by his arrows to go astray. But it is Madan-Mohan that can take away the influence of Cupid which the demigods and even Lord Brahma, have not escaped. No living entity has ever escaped it, definitely not us! We know it, we know what it is like to be hit by the Cupid, we know the symptoms that are described but Madan-Mohan can save us!


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