(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 12 September 2015, Durban, South Africa, BYS Retreat – Lecture at the Goshala)

heart-on-the-beachI was at a university in Johannesburg and there was a girl who said, “I have ten boyfriends and I like them very much. What’s the problem? What’s wrong with sex?” Then everyone said, “Yeah! What is your hangup with sex?”

So I told her, “If you are happy with your ten boyfriends, good for you. But only for you because there is something greater that you can do with your life as a woman and that is to become a mother. When you become a mother something changes. Then it is not only about you anymore, you are no longer the centre of everything but someone else is. You learn to give instead of to take, and that is a greater thing. But if you have ten boyfriends, then the child gets pretty confused about who the father is, so better to have only one boyfriend and ten kids if you want! In that way, you will grow as a person to higher levels.”

There is nothing wrong with sex but sex alone makes everything self-centred… more and more then this one and that one, and then hit and run! But there is more than that to sex!



  1. Ram Mohan das (NYS) on

    Very nicely explained vedic truth. This is sadhu. Haribol.

  2. Not all woman are destined to be a mom -Why should a woman have kids she does not want? The beliefs about sex in KC are so unhealthy- no wonder there is so much perversion in Vaishnava societies..

    • Thank you for your comment. I agree, why force western women to conform to vedic principals? It is unhealthy that KC encourages suppression of sexual energy as though it were a shameful thing. I understand the bit about the 10 boyfriends, that’s out of order. I like the philosophy, but I find the movement to be completely inappropriate for
      Western society. There’s living a spiritual life, and then there’s taking it to a cult-like level.



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