(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2004)

I always tell devotees that we should understand that Vrindavan or Mayapur is our home! This is where we live and now at one point, when we go from here to some foreign country, then we are like tourists – we are only visitors there whether it is New Zealand, Spain, Denmark or UK and so on.

DSC_0270Wherever we maybe, in all of these places, we should know that we are tourists. We live in Vrindavan or Mayapur, we live in the dhama. It does not matter if you are only one day in a year in the dhama – still that is home, that is where we belong and this is the right consciousness! It says, “One should live in the dhama or at least desire to live in the dhama and mentally live in the dhama.”

So a devotee should at least mentally live in the dhama where the mercy is very accessible and very available. Therefore when we come here to these holy dhamas, we very quickly get the mercy!

Srila Prabhupada also made the point that devotees should go every year to the holy dhama. That is why he started the Mayapur and Vrindavan dhama festivals because he wanted all of the devotees to go to the dham. He said, “To become purified of the possible contamination that one might get from the Western world, one must go to the dhama.”

In the dhama, the spiritual energy of the spiritual world is very much manifest. One can very very quickly relate to it and we are all experiencing that!

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