post2015-featured-imageAnother year has passed by! Life moves on, our bodies got older but our soul got wiser! And KKSBlog supplied you with a steady dose of spiritual tidbits from Kadamba Kanana Swami and Jayadvaita Swami – uplifting stories, intriguing classes and controversial quotes. Kadamba Kanana Swami not only rocks his bhajans but also this blog!!!

Our Team & Readers

Of course, Kadamba Kanana Swami is supplying most of the content but we have our steady team that prepares it and puts it online. We like to thank our core team for filling another year with memorable posts and giving their time and energy to KKSBlog. Thank you to Ragalekha, our stalwart editor, and our rock solid transcribers: Harsarani dd, Ananda Vrindavan dd, Naimisaranya dd and Amrtavani dd. Also a big shout out to our amazing Nandan Prabhu for his enlivening stories of Kadamba Kanana Swami’s travels!

And last but certainly not least we have you, our readers, to thank for visiting, appreciating and commenting. We are being ‘followed’ everywhere and some articles even appeared on!!

Stats & Figures 2015

What would be another end of year without statistics & figures? The proof is in the pudding, so here are the facts.

Lots of visitors


See a trend here??? We are hitting almost 60 000 visitors this year! Compare that to the 46 000 that we got last year. Nice! Now we need more comments 😉

Where are you coming from?


It looks like India won this year, with the United Kingdom as a close second. South Africa was dethroned from its number 1 position this year but they managed to increase views from 18288 to 18742. Of course, there were many more countries battling, as you can see on the image. Only a few countries are still grey!

So, what did you like to read?

Top_10_ImageSome posts stir our emotions and heat up the comments section more than other articles! As you can see from the TOP 10 most visited posts in 2015, certain topics are quite popular. Relationships, sex and family life are like fuel on a fire, blazing up the views on these articles. But it is not only controversy that rules the views. Memorable articles like the post on Brahmananda Prabhu make KKSBlog a wonderful source of insights into the life of Kadamba Kanana Swami and others.

So what did you like to read in 2015? Check out the stats below!

Top 10 Posts… and counting down

10. What about our scars?

09. Relationships ARE complicated

08. Kirtan standards by Jayadvaita Swami

07. “I do not have to pay?”

06. Intelligent partnerships

05. Sexual entanglement

04. A happy ending

03. What’s wrong with sex?

02. Farewell Brahmananda Prabhu

01. Astrological compatibility

Enough material to fill a complete year!


That’s right! We have 3563 posts on KKSBlog and since 2012, we got 356 000 views with 116 747 visitors. And 20 January 2015 had the most visitors in one day! Incredible and in all of that, the peak on Monday at 5 pm 🙂

Sales & Donations

In 2014, we added the online shop with CD’s, USB drives and other media. Up until 2014, KKSBlog had been collecting funds to cover the yearly costs. The shop was started to help raise funds to cover the expenses. Here are the results:


Incoming: € 1039
Total costs: € 1202

The highest costs were:
Website hosting: € 232.6
Website software: € 481.22
Paypal fees: € 49
Bandcamp fees: € 31


Incoming: € 1842
Total Costs: € 1621

The highest costs were:
Website hosting: € 288.99
Website software: € 377.62
Website security: € 643.74
Paypal fees: € 39
Bandcamp fees: € 39

In 2014, we made some money but that was spent in 2015 so we are playing even, but just barely. If you like KKSBlog and you want to support us, then send your Christmas bonus to us… 😉

(Visit our support page for other payment options and financial reports)

Forwarding to 2016

Every year, I (Uddhava) make promises to add more content, to improve this & that. And it looks like I tend to repeat myself every year. So my sincere apologies for not upholding my promises. Luckily our steady team is covering me! If you missed a lot, no worries mate! Visit the archives. Find all articles with classes or dive into the controversy immediately.

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Have a great year!!!

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