(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 12 September 2015, Durban, South Africa, BYS Retreat, Lecture at the Goshala)

Who is free? You are free when you love what you do. You are not free when you hate. When you hate, you are locked into whatever you hate. Only when you love something are you free because then you are doing what you want to do. Freedom means doing what you want to do. Only love can set you free.

But where is pure love to be found!? With people, it is always mixed. Mother loves daughter and then wants daughter to become a doctor so that it will bring glory to the family and lots of money as well!

Yes, it is like, “We love you so much and that is why we make this sacrifice for you, my little darling, so that you can study. We will pay for it so that you can become rich and pay for us!”

DSC_0275Where is pure, selfless love found? It is only found with Krsna. That is why kirtan is so special, because we love doing it! And when you do it once, you just have to do it again! It becomes an addiction! It gets the better of you until it is no longer reasonable. It borders madness – but ecstatic madness, fun madness, the kind of madness which we are looking for! The madness that turns every drab, grey day into something colorful and alive!

That is where love begins – when you feel alive! When you feel that everything is meaningful – not when you are wondering, “Why are we doing this? Why? Why am I doing all these things?” But when you love, every moment is magic! Every moment electrifies! That happens when Krsna is in the innermost chamber of the heart.

How do we get him there? By chanting and by devotional service, it is going to happen.

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