(Kadamba Kanana Swami, November 2015, Vrindavan, India, Video Interview)

CPT_RY2015Bhismadeva, lying on the bed of arrows after being shot by Arjuna, was very peaceful and was saying that one can conquer anger by learning to forgive. So this the problem – that one cannot forgive! But why is it that we cannot forgive!? It is very hard to forgive others but it is very easy to forgive ourselves! When we do something wrong, we can give a hundred reasons to justify it – we say that we were forced to do it, that it was not actually wrong… but when someone else does a little thing, we get angry and we cannot forgive. So look at ourselves and where we forgive ourselves, we must also forgive others. One can conquer anger by learning to forgive, as Bhismadeva has spoken.

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