(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 20 October 2015, Chowpatty, India, Srimad Bhagavatam 10.69.41)

gopis surrenderingWe are currently serving in the material world and using the paraphernalia of the material world in the service of Krsna. We read about the gopis in Vrndavana, who with their long hair, sweep the marble floor in the kunjas, the meeting places. We sweep with brooms and mop the temple floor, so what is the difference!? It is the same. The benefit is the same. It is Krsna’s floor. So we are greatly blessed that at every moment there is so much mercy and so much benefit. Everything related to Krsna is transforming us; it is sparsamani or cintāmaṇi, transcendental touch stone.

This is the nature of devotional service; it awakens attachment to Krsna. That is the unique thing. Thus, with great faith and enthusiasm, we can engage in devotional service. It will surely transform us and anyone who gets touched by this movement will be transformed by it.

Nāmno hi yāvatī śaktiḥpāpa-nirharaṇe hareḥtāvat kartuṁ na śaknotipātakaṁ pātakī naraḥ (Brhad-visnu Purana). It is said by chanting the holy name once, one becomes purified from more sinful activities than one can commit in a lifetime. So, this is a very potent movement that will have tremendous effect on us.

Krishna swims with the GopisStill, one may think that their attachment to Krsna is still not so deep. But there are two things that develop by chanting and devotional service. One is that attachment to Krsna develops and the other thing is that we are accumulating Krsna’s mercy by everything we do. Even if we do not feel some transformation right away, with all the service, mercy accumulates and when Krsna so desires, then suddenly a great transformation may come.

Therefore, although attachment to Krsna is our aim, even if that is apparently not manifesting so much in us right now, we must carry on with great faith because Krsna will surely manifest that attachment. Nothing is forgotten; not the smallest service. Everything accrues in our eternal balance, our eternal credit. Therefore reminding ourselves of the great benefit of devotional service, we must be very eager to take shelter of such devotional service regardless of our position of ashram, regardless of whatever our position is in the material world. Anyone, in any place, can chant the holy name of Krsna and in that way anyone can take advantage of this movement!

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  1. Maharaja’s words are like sweet nectar. One never satiates of hearing from him. Hare Krishna!