(Kadamba Kanana Swami, October 2010, Melbourne, Australia, Lecture)


Compassion only really begins if we appreciate that we have something better. If we have something better then we can be compassionate. Otherwise, if you are out on book distribution and you can see all your old friends sitting on a terrace somewhere, enjoying the sunshine, then you may feel compassion for yourself – that you have to stand out there in the street with those books and everyone else is having a good time!

But if we are convinced that we have something better, then we can develop compassion for others. Then we can experience real compassion. The more we relish Krsna consciousness, the more compassionate we can be, the more easily we can preach! When we are fully relishing this Krsna consciousness, then naturally we will want to give it to everyone and then people start appreciating it also.

It is like when I bought a yellow jacket and someone said, “Why do you have a yellow jacket?” I said, “Because it reminds me of the sun. It is something bright. A positive effulgence in a world where everyone dresses in black and darkness!”

Krsna is like the sun. He brings light into the darkness of this world. That is a fact. That is Krsna consciousness! It brings light into the darkness of this world, Krsna surya-sama maya haya andhakara (Caitanya Caritamrta Madhya 22.31). Maya brings us so much darkness in all directions – suffering, burden, difficulties, stress and anxiety; but Krsna consciousness just lights it all up! So if we get absorbed in Krsna consciousness then compassion will follow.

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