(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 06 January 2016, Drakensburg Retreat, South Africa, Morning Lecture)


We should realise that if we have no faith in ourselves, it is because we think that we are the doers. We believe that we are doing things and the results will depend on our actions. But actually, we should know that everything depends on Krsna and on Krsna’s mercy. So if we say, “Oh, my shortcomings will get in the way and make it difficult for me to advance,” then we are not calculating Krsna’s unlimited potency and power. Basically we are saying, “I am so fallen, Krsna can’t lift me up!”

In this way, we are actually limiting Krsna. Indirectly we are saying that we have no faith in Krsna. Although we claim to have no faith in ourselves, if you look at it a little more deeply, this reveals that we have no faith in Krsna.

It does not matter how weak we are, it does not matter how fallen we are, Krsna can lift us up and Krsna is eager to do so! Srila Prabhupada pointed that out. He said that Krsna is acting with ten arms, and with these ten arms he just showers us with mercy. What can we do with our two arms!? We cannot even receive all the mercy – it is that much! Prabhupada also said that Krsna is more eager for us to go back to Godhead than we are ourselves!

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