Updates on the status of Kadamba Kanana Swami’s health will come from him. For now, we will share some photos and audio recordings. Maharaj has often said that preaching gives life and despite all the current challenges, on the auspicious occasion of the appearance day anniversary of Lord Nityananda (20 February), he gave a lecture to the large crowd of devotees who attended the festival at the Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple in Durban, South Africa.

KKS_SA_DBN_20Feb2016_Nityananda’s Appearance Day_Intro_Kirtan

KKS_SA_DBN_20Feb2016_Nityananda’s Appearance Day_Lecture


The above media is courtesy of Vibhu Caitanya Das, Nimai and Merumala dd. 

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  1. Hare krsna
    All the glories to HH kadamba kanana swami

    Ragalekha d.d i wanna thank you for the nice service that you do.
    Pleasing so many vaishnavas in this way.
    You make it accessible to the mercy and mercifull words of gurumaharaj.
    Disciples of maharaja are especially grateful to you.