(Kadamba Kanana Swami, November 2015, Vrindavan, India, Video Interview)

japaDivorce happens because husbands and wives fight like cats and dogs. This happens because Krsna is not in the center. When Krsna is in the center and both husband and wife try to serve and please Krsna then there is no need for divorce. Divorce happens when one becomes self-centered and when one begins to think of one’s own enjoyment, ‘This partner of mine is not supplying my enjoyment! I want somebody else!’  But when husband and wife serve Krsna together and are fully absorbed in serving Krsna there will be no divorce.


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  1. frederik alois folkert schone on

    dank u wel geachte abbay caran voor alles wat u voor mij doet.dank u wel zijne heiligheid Kadamba Kaanana Swami voor u seva saamen met u godbroeders aan jiva in benelux yatra en daarbuiten.



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