23 February 2016

Sometimes you are on top of the elephant
And sometimes the elephant is on top of you
I am fortunate that I have Krsna and the Vaisnavas, that makes it all okay.

I can go down memory lane
and remember when I was at Govardhana Hill, so many times.
I can remember the darsana of so many Deities, in so many temples in Vrindavan;
Radha Ramana, Radha Gokulananda and Vijay Govinda and Mahaprabhu’s Giriraja.
I can remember how I sat in the Yamuna
water up to the neck, chanting on my beads,
that were floating in the water.
I can remember all my time in the Holy Dhama
Now these memories are my wealth.

I started again reading the Bhagavatam,
First Canto, ah the sages of Naimisaranya
are asking their six questions
What is the ultimate good for all people of the world?
What is the essence of all scripture?
Such nice and profound questions
I am uplifted by their sincerity,
by their broad vision
and heartfelt compassion
A book about Krsna and His devotees
What could be nicer than that?

Vaisnavas have been nice to me
So many stalwart servants of Srila Prabhupada
When I look back at the past, I got so much mercy from the Vaisnavas
And at present they are all kind to me, although I am not deserving
I am looking forward to a bright future
I don’t think the Vaisnavas will ever abandon me
They will take me to Krsna

Oh and the body? Yes I have one!
It doesn’t matter though,
It becomes spiritualized in devotional service
How is it now?
It always has been

Yes let us talk of Krsna
And use the little time we have
to increase our treasure of blessings

Sometimes you are on top of the  elephant
And sometimes the elephant is on top of you
I am fortunate that I have Krsna and the Vaisnavas, that makes it all okay.


  1. Dear Kadamba Kanana Maharaja, please accept my respectful obeisances.
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
    Glories to Shri Krishna and all His devotees in love!
    I read your post in which you tell you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, and you have had a surgical operation.

    As I read your message I gradually felt in my heart emotions of different rasa: friendship, tenderness, affection and deep esteem towards you.
    Then a long wave of memories came – all very beautiful and inspiring – connecting me to you, recalling the years when we served together to realize the Pushpa Samadhi Mandir of Srila Prabhupada in Shridham Mayapur.

    How many nice memories of intense talks we had about the different sankirtana possibilities, meetings with GBC Godbrothers talking with them about aesthetic concepts and practical realizations of works according to the common shared goals and scheduled fundings, and then the trips from Mayapur to Calcutta and vice versa, talks with artisans, providers, technicians, workers.

    And then our walks around the construction site to check the works in progress or sitting there somewhere to plan further works. I remember we spent whole days at some makeshift table in the skeletal structure of reinforced concrete, on the store where we later installed a bronze golden murti of Srila Prabhupada.

    The day of the inauguration, what a beautiful ceremony! The crowd flood that invaded the site opening, collapsing the balustrade on the first two flights of spiral staircases! And then the kirtans and the public speeches of secular and religious authorities. And the big blue sky of Mayapur …!

    Your daydreams after the enterprise was accomplished…
    My daydreams after the enterprise was accomplished…
    You, temple president of Krishna Balaram Mandir in Vrindavan Dhama.

    My Courses at Siena University after having founded the Bhaktivedanta Study Center.

    Then, you sannyasi around the world singing and preaching to spread Krishna consciousness.

    I, traveling around Italy, to spread Krishna consciousness.

    You now find yourself in the difficult condition to live in a body that has to deal with a cancer, the outcome of which, as you say with the poetic metaphor of the river and its currents, it is unpredictable.

    Since I am a witness of an important part of the transformation of your life, where you designed the person you’ve then become, I can say that your position was at that time totally reliable and is glorious today. So, even if the outcome of the physical body is uncertain, I’m sure the destination of your evolution is the supreme abode of Shri Krishna! Your real success is assured!

    If you manage to get through this period of physical crisis – and I fervently pray the Lord you can stay vigorous with us as long as possible – you’ll remain in this earthly dimension making our joy and luck offering us your kirtans and your valuable precious association.

    With spiritual affection, good wishes for a magnificent present and future in ecstatic Krishna consciousness!

    Your servant and friend, always.
    Matsyavatara das

  2. May it crush me immediately while I remember the mercy of the Sadhu’s
    Thank you Maharaja for the reminder of reality.

  3. de bonald on

    I see you cancelled me. OK ! Stay in your illusion ! It will not help you nor KKS. It is not my problem ! You are stupid and useless ! Go on like that !

    • KKSBlog Admin on

      Hare Krishna,

      Thank you for the compliments. You are now banned in according with our rules and regulations.


  4. de bonald on

    Dear Maharaja !


    I heard today about your health problem, supposing this information is right. I was very sorry about it. I hope some treatment will solve this serious problem.
    I have a good remembrance about you in Paris temple in the years 1998-2000.

    Personally, I’m fine and in ecstasy !

    Hare Krsna


    Prahlada Nrsimha das (France)