Dear Vaisnavas, friends, my family and all,

I want to express my gratitude to all of you for your kindness, your prayers and good wishes in this trying time. It has been about a month since I was diagnosed with a tumor in the rectum. In two operations, the cancer affected areas have been removed. Initially doctors were recommending a follow up treatment of chemo and radiation combined. I must say that I had great difficulty in my mind to surrender to such a hellish treatment, which may destroy cancer and the rest of the body as well and I decided not to do it and instead rely on Krsna and natural treatment. Yesterday I met with the doctors and in conclusion, they gave their blessings for this, providing that I submit myself to regular check ups which I will do. There is obviously a risk that cancer will come back once it has started, but we leave that up to Krsna.

Meanwhile I feel greatly relieved and more close to my heart following a natural path and investing in my own Krsna consciousness and sharing it through writing. Now I need six more weeks of recovery from the operations and one more procedure to improve the urine flow.

Then I can try to resume a ” normal” life. I am planning to take it easy, listen more to the body and travel less, stay longer in one place, follow a health regime and focus on writing.

I can’t just pick up from where I left off. There will be many events and  programs that I was scheduled to attend, I may attend some and others not. It has to do with my own energy levels, preserving them and letting them dictate what to do and what not. I have been on a recovery program before, so I am familiar with it. Please forgive me if I can’t be available as much as before. It is easy to get swept up in stream of activity, but that is not what I need.

Meanwhile I am looking forward to meeting many of you personally somewhere at some given point in time. You are all wonderful people, I am living by your prayers and kindness.

Once again,
Thank you very much
Your friend and servant,
Kadamba Kanana Swami

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  1. Laila Yecker on

    Dearest Guru Maharaj
    All your diciples here in Sweden have been praying to the Lord and to Lord Nrishinga dev for your recovery and I am so glad to hear that you are getting better day by day. We continou to pray for you and that you may stay healthy.
    I am looking forward seeing you soon in Radhadesh for Vyasapuja.
    Thank You and Hare Krishna from Laila