(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 25 April 2015, Radhadesh, Belgium, Lecture at Cultural Festival)

aus_may2015What does it mean to follow the mood of the spiritual master? I think, it means that whatever is really important and essential to the spiritual master, that should also be essential to the disciple. Not that we become cat copies of our spiritual master – that is the last thing you want to see.

It is not about becoming exactly the same. It is about being different but appreciating that the spiritual master is highlighting certain things on the way back to the spiritual world which are important to us. Not that we want everyone to approach these things in the same way because we have different natures but still, whatever is important to the spiritual master must be noted.

We all are eternally unique personalities, with our own unique natures and our own unique relationships with Krsna. Everyone has his own unique feature in serving Krsna.

Just like when I went out with Vaisesika, the super book distributor, he noted my techniques of focusing on people who were already stationary rather than standing in the middle of the street and flagging people down which is so passionate that I do not like it.

So everyone has a different approach but in the bigger picture, we do the same thing. We are serving within Lord Caitanya’s mission because it is the yuga dharma, and somehow or the other, we are part of that. We are serving Prabhupada’s movement and trying to fulfill his desire because he is the founder acharya and these things are important to all of us.

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