The conventional understanding of a hero is perhaps that of a Marvel character; one who possesses extraordinary talents and fights evil to save the planet from annihilation. But there are real-life heroes too, whose superpower lies in their ability to influence the lives of others through their actions and dedication. Real-life heroes who sacrifice their own personal comfort day in and day out, to transform others. They labour out of love and passion for what they do and never take credit for it. We would like to honour one such hero on the anniversary of his appearance in this world (12 April)!

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  1. All the glories to Srila gurudas Jayadvaita swami all tje glories to H.H kadamba kanana swami

    Please accept my obeisances

    Hare Krsna to you
    Hare Krsna to you
    Hare Krsna to youoe!

    May you never take birth again
    May you never take birth again
    Mat you never take birth agaiin!

    Dear gurudeva,

    I wish for u lots of health and if its Krsna’s plan.A couple more years with us.

    Even Thou you accepted me als youre
    Aspiring disciple not so long ago.
    You have become very dear to me.
    Every day i have youre associaten trough
    Youre lectures,sacred space,kirtan.
    All so powerfull and inspiring.
    I apriciate youre guidance youve guided
    And pulled my to rough times and still do.
    For that i can never repay you gurudeva.

    Only Thing that i know is to follow by youre
    Great example.Only way that i know is Pay
    You a little of the great debt that i have towards you.Is to try become a serieus vaishnava.To really help Srila Prabhupada mission.To become a warrior of Chaitanya’s mahaprabhu’s army.

    Im so unfortunate that i can’t come to
    Youre vyasapuja.i have no work and no laxmi im just depend wat krsna gives me.
    Please gurudeva forgive me for that
    Cannot attend i would if i could.

    You and my father are about the same age.
    In a way you are giving my everything he
    Could’nt give.You are nourishing in a way
    He coulnd’nt nourish.

    For that gurudeva im very gratefull!

    Youre servant
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