(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 08 September 2013, Johannesburg, South Africa, Home Program)

SP_airportIf we do not have any trust in devotees to guide us, inevitably we will do our own thing. But then how will we proceed? That is why there is a structure. It is not that the guru-disciple relationship is left up to us as individuals; there is an etiquette. So that etiquette tells us certain things which must be done and that sort of limits our independence. So when we do not trust then the etiquette will make up for it.

If we cannot serve with love and trust then at least, we have to serve with more reverence, which is part of respect and that is part of the etiquette. But eventually, we become indebted because our spiritual master will make arrangements for us to improve our life and bring us to increase our Krsna consciousness. When that happens then we become indebted. So then gradually, this etiquette changes into trust.

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