Moving website wordpress

KKSBlog will go offline for major maintenance from Sunday 8 may 13:00 until Tue 13:00h CET.

We scheduled to move the website to a new hosting company. This change should help speeding up the website. Please follow facebook for any updates on the progress of this change.

Our last update was almost 2 years ago. And even longer ago, in 2013, when we also moved the website to another hosting company. And now it time again for another moving.

New Hosting

The new hosting company (Vimexx) is located in Europe. This should really speed up the website for our readers in the EU, India and Africa. This has always been our biggest fanbase.geo-location-visitors-may2016

KKSBlog Hosting costs

Our yearly costs for running this website are as follows:

  • Webhosting : € 200
  • Backups: €200
  • Security & Antivirus: €200
  • Domains €40
  • KKSContacts: €60
  • Shipping materials: €50

For a total of: € 750 euro/year

If you like KKSBlog and you want to help cover these costs then please donate or support us by buying from our shop!


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