(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 05 September 2015, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Initiation Lecture)

Initiations_VP_2016 (44)

When we get initiated and we get a new name, at first it is a shock. In my case, it was like that also. My first name was with a ‘P’ and my last name with a ‘K’ but somehow or other, they mixed the names around and thought that my last name was my first name. So then I got a name with a ‘K’ and I did not expect it. Actually, I was thinking I will get something like ‘Prahlad’ and then suddenly, it was pronounced ‘Kadamba Kanana’! Oh, it was a big shock!

But then it grew on me – the meaning of the name grew on me, the meditation grew on me and I could see that this name is something I can try to live up to. I can try to become that. That is the nice thing about these spiritual names – they are giving us meaning which we can try to live up to. In this way, the name will pull us up to a higher level so it is a very good thing.

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