(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 05 September 2015, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Initiation Lecture)


We need the blessings of the spiritual master. It is said that we should try to please the spiritual master. This is when we look at it from the disciple’s perspective. Now, I was thinking about it from the guru’s perspective – the disciple has to please the guru, so what does that mean!? Does that mean that the guru just has to act pleased when the disciple has served up to a reasonable level which is commonly understood as acceptable behavior for a devotee? Should the spiritual master be pleased in that way or should he really be pleased in the heart?

I really thought about it and concluded that the guru-disciple relationship is based on truth and on nothing but truth. It will only work if there is truth: when the spiritual master is completely truthful and when disciple is completely truthful. That is all we have between us – the truth! So I was thinking and found that the truth is that the spiritual master has to be really pleased, pleased in the heart.

So I tell you – I am hard to please (laughter)! I have always been like that – a little spoiled, so not easy to please – as I want everything perfect and nothing else!

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