(Kadamba Kanana Swami, May 2016, Coimbatore, India, Hospital Conversations)

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Initiation is beginning of our spiritual life and is based on prescribed duty. One should never see the spiritual master as an ordinary person; the relationship with the spiritual master is never ordinary. Krsna enters the relationship; it is Krsna’s arrangement. Through the form of guru, Krsna’s mercy manifests. Krsna takes us back to the spiritual world but the guru is his medium. The mercy of Krsna comes through the spiritual master.

So much emphasis is on THE GURU… but ultimately, WE must do it… WE have to chant… WE have to get absorbed in Srimad Bhagavatam, etc.  WE have to take the message. Guru can pray and bless but WE have to do it, otherwise we are trying to be kripa siddha (one who has attained perfection by the special mercy of Krsna and the spiritual master) without any work. Sadhana siddha (perfection attained by executing devotional service according to the rules and regulations) is required.

Transcribed by Man Beharini dd from Pune

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