KKS_1968Kadamba Kanana Swami: Recently, I received this photo. It was a school excursion. We went out for a day on a boat tour through the city of Amsterdam. I was 14 years old. Later on that day, we also went to the zoo. Recently via the internet, I got in touch with my biology teacher of those days, named Martin van Haagen. He posted this school photo. His message was entitled, “Fifty years ago.” That is a long time indeed. We are writing to each other at the moment and it’s a pleasant exchange. Martin hasn’t told me yet how old he is at the moment, but I would expect he is somewhere around 80. He was curious to know what had become of me and was surprised to find out that I had become a Swami. He thought that I was reserved and introvert in those days, and he thought that maybe I would have achieved something in sport. Well, there is no doubt that I was fit in those days and good at sports. I used to sail and play tennis and football, but then music took over and eventually spiritual life!


  1. sundaram ramachandran on

    Hare Krishna,

    Where are you in this picture, Srila Gurudeva?

    Sundaram Ramachandran