(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 26 April 2016, Radhadesh, Belgium, Vyasa Puja Address)

Many of you have discussed my health and it imposes some further limitations on me. What can I say!? I have to start thinking about going slow, what a boring thing but what to do!? Limited! The guru is limited so ultimately, at the end of the day, the ball is back in your court. It may go back and forth but then at the end, it is in your court. I will play, no problem, that ball will come back to you many times but at the end, it is in your court only and nowhere else and then it is up to you what you do with it…

drakenberg_2016 (3)As they say in good American slang, “You win a few, you lose a few.” I really wish the best for everyone but the reality is, “You win a few, you lose a few.” Some people are going to take it, some are not going to take it and sometimes it is really sad to see how people throw away an opportunity. Please, PLEASE realize what amazing, precious opportunities are being delivered through the disciplic succession. Let us do it all the way, let us not become distracted by the petty little things of this world, like sex desire!

Everyone has it! I have said it before and I will repeat it today, we may have sex desire but we should not put so much faith in sexual activity. I mean, is it going to fulfil us? Let us be real. We are here in this Krsna Consciousness movement because we have some doubt about that. It is a fact that sexuality plays a part in life but it is not going to fulfil us.

Even after so much sexual activities still something is missing, still we are not beaming with happiness, still not effulgent, still not ecstatic… So let us not make too much of it. The world is oversexed basically; they make too much of it. There is a place for sexual activity but they make too much of it. Whatever place it has in your life do not give it too much energy. In my life, it is zero. Let us deal with more important things. This is the point!

People are looking for romance and then relationships break… new ones start… all these things are going on. Okay, if you need that then it is okay but within the boundaries, do not go over the line because then you are damaging your spiritual progress back to the spiritual world. So keep it within the boundaries of what Krsna has blessed, what the acharyas have authorized and then make the best of it.

KKS_vp_2014Well, being married to this one or being married to that one is not so different. In the end, it is not that different actually. Personalities are different, true, we can look around the room and everyone has a different personality. So in marriage, also the personalities are different but the script is the same. The same script, the same laws:

vāco vegaṁ manasaḥ krodha-vegaṁ

jihvā-vegam udaropastha-vegam (Śrī Upadeśāmṛta 1)

The pushings of the senses are the same, the same modes of material nature create the same script. A little variety is there, the personalities, the actors are different but the play is the same old script. This is what it is. So do not make too much of it. It is alright but again it is not enough to fulfil us; only Krsna will fulfil us. Let us bring that into our relationships, into our community, at home and wherever we meet. Let us just bring in the culture of the spiritual world because that will really help us to shift the weight to the other side, to the spiritual side to become jivan muktas, liberated souls even in this body already. This is the idea!

These are some of the thoughts that I am sharing with you this year. Time is short. I hope I can be with you for many more years to come but Krsna is in control and we will see what happens and I hope that all of you can be here also for a long time and that we can do something very nice together!

Transcribed by Tattvavati dd

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