(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 30 March 2014, Cape Town, South Africa, Sunday Lecture)


Give your heart to everyone, even if they don’t give anything back. It hurts sometimes when people are hard-hearted and not responding properly but take that pain with patience and carry on. Somehow, keep on chiseling at stone. Get through that barrier. In the Netherlands, we say that some people have a block of concrete in front of their head. Just chisel right through! Give your heart. That is a vaishnav – we give our hearts.

The heart is involved in being merciful to the conditioned souls. The heart is involved, it is not just, “Yeah, I’m having a great time here with my pakoras and so on …” No! How can I have my pakoras when people are suffering in the world? How can I sleep when there is still even one person who is caught in the cycle of birth and death? How can I sleep?

This is how Krsna feels. Krsna is emotionally involved. He is thinking, “How can I enjoy unlimited pleasure in an ocean of transcendental bliss if there is still one person missing?” 

Of course, he is enjoying in an ocean of transcendental bliss at every moment but he wants that one person also to be a part of it – that is Krsna. So, if even Krsna is emotionally involved, how can the devotee not be? We are emotionally involved with everyone, not only our own little circle. Open the heart to everyone!

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