(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 30 March 2014, Cape Town, South Africa, Srimad Bhagavatam 10.39.39)

kks vp 2014Because we have been in the material world for many lifetimes, we have accumulated many desires that are stored within our subconsciousness and all these desires are still influencing us now. Again, we are trying to enjoy them one more time; again and again, although we were not satisfied in previous lives, not fulfilled but still, we try again! So this is where we are at. That is why spiritual life involves an element of struggle due to the influence of previous association with the material world.

But, just by hearing about Krsna, seeing Krsna in his deity form, chanting his name, taking prasadam or taking shelter of any other form in which Krsna manifests himself, is enough to burn up so much of that previous karma; therefore we do change!

There was a verse which I used to forget a lot. It happens that you forget one line of a verse and this one, I always used to forget. Then one time, I was in Bombay and I took a taxi and the taxi-driver quoted the verse so then, I felt a little embarrassed. I got defeated by a taxi-driver so my false-ego got to me and that worked better than my devotion because since then I can remember the verse. So, I am going to try it now, let us see:

namno hi yavati saktih
papa-nirharane hareh
tavat kartum na saknoti
patakam pataki narah (Brhad-visnu Purana)

All glories to the taxi-driver! No problem, I can easily remember it! It is amazing that when you get motivated by false-ego, it is so easy and when you have to do something on the strength of pure devotion, it is a struggle! This verse says that if you chant the holy name once, you burn up more sin than you can commit in a life-time! Think about that…


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