(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 04 February 2016, Bhaktivedanta Manor, United Kingdom, Srimad Bhagavatam 10.2.21)

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Our process is not repression, it is not just simply abstinence – to give up illicit activities and let the pushing of the senses rage within. This is not possible for us. NO! We must engage in devotional service and then devotional service begins to absorb us. There will be no time for sense gratification and after a while, there will be much taste for devotional service!

Agnideva Prabhu is here. I am really happy that he is. He was in Radhadesh also and they were so insistent that he would sing that song that Srila Prabhupada wrote; the song with the long name that I can never remember, where Prabhupada was expressing his desire to be with Krsna again. Everyone wanted Agnideva Prabhu to sing that song and they had printed song sheets that were so small that it was just unreadable and he did not have his reading glasses.

Then instead of singing, he began to speak. Actually, I was happy that he spoke, it was meant to be a kirtan event but he spoke. I liked it because he spoke of something that he had been a part of. He spoke of the history of how certain bhajans came into our movement, how they were translated, how they were being sung and how the melodies came about. He gave us history and that was a gift. It was something unique which he was a part of, and it was something that he could share. I was very appreciative of that, and things like that which are very interesting will naturally be attractive. Then you can forget the senses – at times like that you do not have to worry about the senses. At times like that your attention is there and you are absorbed.

In this way, we look for the next opportunity to get absorbed, ‘Is there anything special going on?’ Devotees have a radar, they are always looking everywhere. You have to develop these antennae, these radars for ‘special juice’. Wherever it is, find it and somehow or other get to it! In this mood, we will find that these material issues – the senses, desires and needs – they are not so much in the forefront.

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