(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 03 July 2016, Czech Summer Camp, Srimad Bhagavatam 3.2.5)

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Krsna does not derive any happiness from the material energy. He enjoys only his inner, eternal spiritual energy. However, the material energy can be connected to Krsna. By engaging the material energy in the service of Krsna it becomes transcendental because the ‘fruit’ becomes transcendental.

Of course, the material world is temporary and anything in the material world is temporary. The material energy is real but all variety of form is temporary. There is no lasting relationship, no relationship with the material world is real and thus everything we get will eventually disappear! There are six transformations of the material energy – things grow, flourish, give by-products, dwindle, seize to exist…

Maya works on living being by making us see things separate from Krsna. If we do not see a connection to Krsna in anything, this is maya. Hari-sambandha-vastunaḥ, connection to Krsna with all things is our business, to engage whatever and whomever we meet in Krsna consciousness, otherwise we remain unfulfilled.

Devotees look at the material energy and look for opportunities to serve Krsna. There are lots of opportunities! There is no more time to be captured by maya. If we think different places, other than Krsna, will give us happiness then we are in illusion. Sannyasa is the best position because there is minimum entanglement with material energy and maximum use of the material energy for Krsna!

Transcribed by Nimai

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