(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2008, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Lecture)

SSRR_13JulyThere are devotees who live in the temple and relate to the world, and there are devotees who live out in the world and relate to the temple. Both these situations are acceptable but in both cases one must devote their life cent percent to Krsna!

It is not just a matter of determination; we cannot just say, ‘From this day on, I will be cent percent Krsna conscious…’ It does not work like that! It is not just a decision but it is a matter of cultivation. It is a matter of serious cultivation. One can decide, ‘From this day on, I will get more serious about cultivating my Krsna consciousness!’
This we can do. We can make more arrangements to remind ourselves of Krsna – to hear more about the descriptions of Krsna, to sing more and to chant more! We can do many things to remember Krsna according to our taste and according to the prescribed rules. 

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