(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 03 April 2016, Durban, South Africa, Sunday Feast Lecture)

vrindavan_2015 (6)

There was a video clip about teenagers in Australia who have a very hard life – they have iPads with only 1 GB memory space! And on Saturdays their parents would do all the shopping for the week, drive the car into the garage and then the kids had to carry all that shopping, all the way from the car to the kitchen! Oh my God, what an intense life! So this is the suffering of the young generation in Australia. (laughter)

Anyway, we are all like that. Everything is too much. Kitchen sinks are filled with dirty dishes. As you walk into the house, there is laundry stacked up on chairs and no place to sit. It is just the epitome of lethargy, of the laziness of Kali yuga. There are endless unanswered mails and there are cars where people write, “I want to be washed!” Just endless symptoms of lethargy, like a wet blanket on the consciousness, “Do I have to do anything? I’d rather do something passive, like watching TV or playing computer games. Something where I don’t have to really do anything, if possible. Doing things are very tiring.”

We hope some magical personality will come flying in on a magic carpet and give us some amazing inspiration in kirtans and lectures, something that will carry us, something that will make us surrender.  Thus we postpone it, life after life. We say, “I’ll surrender! Yes, I want to surrender but I’ll do it tomorrow.” But we have to break through these barriers now and by ourselves. 

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