(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 18 September 2016, Midrand, South Africa, Sunday Feast Lecture, Bhagavad-gita 9.9)

Continued from Elusive Krsna


Our Yogendra Maharaj is a very powerful preacher and he was giving a lecture in India. At one point, he asked the crowd, “Who is ready to give his life to Krsna.” There was no response. Are YOU ready to give your life to Krsna? (Audience: yes) Some are hesitating. Some are smelling a rat. Are you ready? (Audience: yes) ARE YOU READY? (Audience: loud yes) This Christian thing (laughter), I knew it would get much result, it is amazing.

Anyway, Yogendra Maharaj did something like that and he carried on and then he made the audience offer all their jewellery and their watches and everything. They sent baskets around and people put it all in there. It was a big collection! It was a large program; big pandal program. So he cleaned up. I do not know if it was the Ratha Yatra or the new temple extension but something was covered by this collection. We can try it at a big function.

Then you give it all that and Krsna keeps his neutrality, still neutral. So much we have done already and… Where is Krsna now? I mean, have you seen him yet? Did he give you a darshan? Does he speak to you? Did he appear in your dreams? Some will say, “Yes, yes, yes. He appeared in my dream.” Lucky you! I’ve never had dreams of Krsna, only mundane dreams.

Krsna maintains that neutrality. He is not just going to make himself available. He wants to see that we really come to that point of eagerness where we really want it and where we really say, “Okay, I had enough. I had enough of this material world. It is just enough.” I mean look at it. We try and squeeze some enjoyment out of the material energy and when it does not work. Then we think, “Krsna is the supreme controller! So he is the one who is responsible for all my suffering!” No, he is not because he did not desire it. 

Anyway, what to do? Krsna, he knows that the living being is independent and wants to do these things so what can he do? He can only remain neutral. He cannot force. Say well, “He can, he is the Supreme Lord.” Yes, but then the spiritual world becomes a concentration camp. Force! Gopis with boots and cowherd boys with whips, “Everyone serve, Krsna!” That will not quite make it. It has to be voluntary. So Krsna is neutral because he waiting for us to voluntarily come. It is very important that we understand this. But in his heart, Krsna is not at all neutral. Krsna is seeing, “Oh no, not again! Already in the last birth you did all these things. Not again!”

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