(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2011, Helsinki, Finland)

kks books

In preaching, we should not throw Krsna consciousness like a ton of bricks on people’s heads and all at once tell them, “You have to follow everything!” and then runaway, never to be seen again. No, preaching means that we have to be sensitive, depending on which stage a person is at, and offer them the next step – that is preaching!

There is no stereotype lesson for everyone. No, each person is at some level and the preacher has to check them out partially by asking some questions and by being sensitive, try to give the person the next step to take.

About book distribution, Vaiseshika said interesting things, “When we take members of the congregation out on book distribution for the first time, usually I tell them that for the first three times they are not allowed to distribute any books! They can only watch but anybody, who is a little bit of a natural, ignores those instructions and starts distributing books! The ones who are shy, they feel secure with these instructions. It is authorized now for them to watch three times and they don’t feel pressurized.”

So I thought it was intelligent. It gives people the next step!

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