(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 20 July 2013, Cape Town, South Africa, Spirit Matters Program)

SP_servingEven when we are so transcendental ourselves, we still have to take people’s feelings very serious, even if they are partially motivated by false ego – it doesn’t matter, just like a child. But when you are an adult, you see it different although a father leaving home is not a small thing; that is real suffering but what can be done!?

When I was a kid, I lost my favourite toy car in a sand-pit; I never got over it. It was a big thing. I dug up the whole sand-pit and sifted through the whole thing but never found my little golden Jaguar, as it was called. What a drama it was!

Now, of course, I look at it a little bit different but my little golden Jaguar stands there to remind me that for me, that was a very important thing. So, what really counts is what is really important to people. I don’t think that we should go around and put labels on people and say, “False ego!

I think that we should take serious what is serious to others otherwise how will they take us serious. If I am so transcendental that I don’t take anybody serious, that doesn’t make sense at all. Then I become cold and disinterested from people.

Like Prabhupada, he was very transcendental yet he could be very human with human beings. He was able to come down to what moved people although it didn’t move him in the same way.

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  1. Hare Krishna.

    If a family member, like an elder brother, is in maya then we should show compassion. The elder brother might think that he is intelligent, but he goes on in the same mentality and his materialistic activities, not sincere, but instead being cunning, threatening, cleverly managing and selfish.

    What will you do when this goes on for several years ?