(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 25 November 2007, Mayapur, India, Lecture)
initiations-kusumsarovarIt is one thing to take up devotional service but it is another thing to become absorbed in devotional service. Many people do find some taste, some satisfaction in the philosophy and in principles of moral behaviour but it is not so easy to become absorbed…

We see that somewhere along the line, devotees go on an independent course. They start very serious but sooner or later, one gets confronted with oneself.

Sooner or later one must find real happiness in Krsna consciousness. It may not be enough that it offers morality and a secure society. It may not be enough to just get taste out of kirtan. One has to really make Krsna everything. One has to become absorbed. To be absorbed means to make Krsna everything. It cannot be that we ‘like’ Krsna consciousness amongst other things.

We may find Krsna consciousness to be good and inspiring but we may not be completely convinced. It has not captured us to the point where Krsna is everything. Why is that? Because we have not made service everything. As long as we still have personal desire, still wanting to fulfill many personal ambitions, then Krsna consciousness will only partially capture us and then all these other agenda items may grow and one day we take them up again.

Therefore the question is, “What service are we doing?” In the beginning it is natural that we are more concerned with what we are getting – what taste am I getting… what inspiration am I getting!?

But service is the turning point. So in the beginning, it is about what we are getting. We may find someone to be so inspiring but it is not the person who is so inspiring, it is their serviced that is so inspiring. Ultimately it is devotional service that is inspiring because we must become inspired to serve otherwise what is the point!? Inspiration is not a matter of excitement. Inspiration must go deep and bring about seriousness also. Inspiration means that now I will give my life to it. This is needed!


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