(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 08 September, Phoenix, South Africa) 

So how sincere are we really!? We should not so easily accept that we are sincere but rather we should see that we fall short and that we need to deepen our sincerity, in other words, increase our commitment as sincerity is measured in the commitment that we make; the commitment that we make in sadhana and in service.

Our Krsna consciousness is measured in what sacrifices are we ready to make for Krsna. We must make some sacrifice, not in the mode of passion, but a sacrifice in the mode of goodness, which means a lasting sacrifice. Not that one day we get up at one o’ clock and the next day, we get up at nine o’ clock! Not that one day we chant 64 rounds and the next day, we chant 4 rounds! No, we must make a commitment. Krsna is asking for this, he wants us to chant a fixed number of rounds and not just as we feel.

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura said that when we touch our beads, then we touch the lotus feet of Lord Caitanya! Isn’t that nice? I like that! By touching our beads, we touch the lotus feet of Lord Caitanya! So that is quite a deep statement. It is said that by touching the lotus feet of Lord Caitanya, there is mercy obviously as he is the most magnanimous incarnation.

So we must understand how much benefit there really is in chanting the holy names, therefore we must do it. But the mind says, “Oh, it is so difficult! Oh, I have other interests… other things to do.” And when we are controlled by the mind then we are not so sincere. But we can strengthen ourselves by regular hearing, chanting and associating with devotees. That is really what we need to do.

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