(Kadamba Kanana Swami, September 2008, Cape Town, South Africa, Lecture)

CPT_RY2015When the principles of the mode of goodness becomes our second nature, this is the point where you begin to enjoy spiritual life. Spiritual life is very nice! We are chanting and having nice association and we are very happy.

But this is not all. Still we must sacrifice, we must do whatever we can to save condition souls. You may say, “Well, you know, they’re very sinful, very fallen and I don’t know if I can associate too much with those people because I might fall down. It is better to stay safe.”

Sit there safe in your nice little spiritual life, in your sweet little Krsna bubble but know one thing for sure, you are STILL-NOT-FULFILLED! There is STILL-SOMETHING-LACKING! In spite of everything, in spite of having all the Krsna conscious videos that you can imagine, in spite of having 3 000 cd’s, in spite of having 12 000 lectures and 78 000 pictures of Krsna… in spite of all of that still… still somehow or other, a sense of emptiness just hits you every once in a while.

So, if we do not make that sacrifice, if we do not take the trouble to save the condition souls, it will not happen, we will not be truly fulfilled and satisfied.

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