(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 31 August 2010, Zagreb, Croatia, Lecture)

How can we face things all alone in this world!? But one who is with Krsna is never alone. When we are in a relationship with Krsna, when we are actively trying to please Krsna then we are never alone because Krsna reciprocates. It is not that we are just working hard in devotional service and hopefully there will be a reward at the end. For a whole life you have to slave day and night for Krsna – get up at an impossible time, live a really austere lifestyle and if you do it very well then at the end of your life, you get the reward, “Welcome, you can now return to the spiritual world!”

No, that is not Krsna Consciousness. In Krsna Consciousness there is reciprocation now – there is reward now and there is reward at the end, simultaneously. Krsna is reciprocating with us now! Krsna is actually with us all the time and Krsna is making arrangements in our life in different ways.

Have you also had those kinds of experiences where Krsna is clearly interfering – some divine intervention happens? I think everyone has had it at some point. When you open up a book and it just lands on a page and the topic describes just what you were talking about ten minutes ago; it is just right there – those things happen!


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