(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2009, Durban, South Africa, Lecture)

There was a Mr Gupta who lived in Indore in India and he had a shop selling truck parts and the whole day people would visit his shop. But there was something special about his shop in that everywhere there were pictures of Krsna! Never ever before had I seen in one space that many pictures of Krsna! There were pictures all over the wall, there were pictures on the ceiling, pictures on the door, pictures on the door knob, pictures on the table – everything had a picture of Krsna! And every day he was putting more and more little pictures of Krsna; he was addicted to it. His watch had a picture of Krsna and even his pen had a picture of Krsna! So one day I asked him, “Mr Gupta why do you have so many pictures of Krsna?” and he just said, “Just in case I might forget…” This is the spirit of trying to increase our Krsna consciousness – just in case we might forget!

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