(Kadamba Kanana Swami, July 2007, Phoenix, South Africa, Ratha Yatra Lecture)

Sometimes we get so disturbed by the past that the clock stops, “On 12 December 1937, I …” and we still remember what happened! Forget what happened! Who cares about what happened! First of all, accept that whatever happened maybe due to our past karma, that it was due to us. Now we are finished and we start again, start fresh, start positive and build up something good. Then the future is bright, the future is what you make it to be. The past does not make the future; the past is gone, dead-and-gone! What are you planning for the future … You can make something of it. It is up to us!

Krsna consciousness takes more than just determination. Determination means, “Okay, I will do!” Okay, we will do it but it takes more than that; you also have to DO something. You have to spend time with devotees and you have to do things in devotional service! You have to make an endeavour – you have to chant sixteen rounds and sixteen good rounds! That is an endeavour. So like that, we make an endeavour in spiritual life then we can become very successful…


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