(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Untitled Lecture)

In the age of kali, the general populace consists of two kinds of people – animals and hypocrites. Animals that are the blatantly degraded ones and hypocrites act as if they are not degraded but actually are! These are the only two classes of people will we can find in this age. Hypocrites walk around in nicely polished suits and with their snobbish noses are looking down on others that are so degraded but they too engage in so many sinful activities, hidden and secretly.

So without Krsna consciousness there is no question of not being sinful, it is not possible! One will be implicated just by social custom and social practice. Therefore in this way, everyone is on a sinful platform.

Early this morning, when they served breakfast on the plane just before we landed in Frankfurt I had a close-up smell and look at everyone being sinful. It was intense! At 4:30 instead of mangala arati there were all kinds of non-vegetarian items surrounding me! It was gross! People start the day plunging into these things thinking that it is perfectly normal!

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  1. This is so true!! When people think that eating meat is normal, you’ve got to give them a psychiatrist’s number, to make it worse, so much hypocrisy when they start stroking their dogs.