(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 20 January 2005)

We must develop the spirit of compassion. Compassion, in a sense, is natural because we ourselves are experiencing suffering in this world and we know the pain of suffering. So if we see that someone else is going through what we are going through then naturally there is compassion. So first, one has to know what suffering is at least to some extent. If one has suffered, one becomes more compassionate because one begins to realise that this is too much. There are no exceptions in this world: no one is free from suffering.

But a vaisnava automatically becomes free from suffering by developing an ecstatic relationship with Krsna. That ecstatic relationship with Krsna removes all suffering. Devotional service destroys all suffering; we are automatically overcoming suffering. This is the nature of devotional service although it may take some time.

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