(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 14 March 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Bhagavad-gita 7.24)

It is not possible to have a pure and noble character unless one is a spiritually realised person. It is not possible unless one has an attitude of servitorship towards God. Ultimately, that is where all good qualities come from and that is the only reason to maintain good qualities. There is a philosophy called humanism and basically, it resembles religious behaviour – you are charitable, you are kind, you are merciful and all these things, but there is no God. We try to develop all these qualities of goodness but why would we maintain it if we can make a profit and be honoured? What is the benefit of morality anyway? It is like the thieves are doing better than the honest guys. What is the problem if everything is material?

We understand that without spirituality, one cannot maintain a platform of goodness – it is not possible, you will come down again. Only one who is dedicated in devotion becomes selfless. Only one who is selfless can become non-envious. Because when you are selfish then you want something that belongs to someone else, and then you start to give them the evil eye.

So selflessness and purity are found in great personalities such as Yudhisthira, who was meant to be on the throne; and Arjuna, his younger brother who was the greatest warrior of his time. Yudhisthira knew the essence of all knowledge. He knew the answer to all questions. He understood how reality works and he understood that everything that we see is divine energy… that everything we see is spiritual. When he saw the wood, the stone, the sky, the trees, everything… he understood it is spiritual in origin.

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