After visiting London (03-08 March), Kadamba Kanana Swami travelled to India. He arrived in Mumbai on the 9th and was received by Sri Govinda (SA), Brajmohan Prabhu and myself. Maharaj went straight to Mira Road temple and thereafter to see HH Jayadvaita Swami in Bhaktivedanta Hospital who was recovering from pneumonia.

The next day began with Maharaj giving the morning Srimad Bhagavatam class in Hindi at the temple. More than 200 devotees attended and again, Maharaj rendered an earth shaking kirtan and devotes didn’t want to stop dancing!

Later that day, we all travelled to Sangamner near Nashik, about 170 km from Mumbai. Our godbrother, Swayambhagawan Prabhu, manages a centre there located at an engineering college. Upon arrival, more than 100 bright, young engineers welcomed Maharaj with kirtan.

On Saturday, the 11th, we went out on parikrama and more than 200 devotees came along, some having travelled from 400 km away. Sadly more than 40 devotees were turned away as our buses were full!!

During our parikrama, we went Jatayu Samadhi. “Jatayu was a great hero who fought with Ravana and although he was defeated, he was victorious over birth and death for sacrificing his life to save Sita. It is nice to come to this place; the land where the Ramayana is still alive…” said Maharaj. We visited the actual spot where Jatayu fought with Ravana. We also visited the pond of holy water which manifested when Lord Ramachandra shot his arrow to provide water to Jatayu when he was thirsty after being injured. The locals say that the pond always remains filled with water! We also visited the place where Kapiladev instructed Devahuti on sankhya philosophy. And later that day, Maharaj did the ceremony for a devotee’s child where the child wrote his first letters of the alphabet.

We had a wonderful festival for Gaura Purnima (12 March). Maharaj gave class again in Hindi, in the evening. He spoke on the glories of Lord Caitanya and shared many enlivening stories, and as usual the programme ended with a rocking kirtan. During the kirtan, the drummers surrounded Maharaj and blocked him from leaving and the kirtan continued until their fingers were bleeding!

On Monday morning, Maharaj started his journey to Coimbatore. He is now in the Ayurvedic Hospital for three weeks of treatment. While in hospital Maharaj is offline – there will be no internet reciprocation i.e. no answering of emails. Please allow to him to recuperate and we will send you periodic updates!

By Bhakta Vatsala Das

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