(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 02 July 2013, Cape Town, South Africa, Caitanya Caritamrta Adi 15.14)

pani-puriThe pious activities of one soul do not just benefit that soul but they benefit others also. It’s like when your son becomes a pious person, you are fortunate because the parents get the benefit from that piety and their destination changes. In the same way, they also get one-sixth the karma of their children. So when your children become criminals and so on, then you get one-sixth of that karma. That is quite a bit – sixteen percent! Think about it… it’s a lot… the little darlings! If you suddenly get one-sixth of the karma of all the nonsense they do, then they are not as nice as you always thought. Suddenly you start to care a little more for everything they do.

But when they take up spiritual life then we all share in the benefit. So, this is the idea that the home becomes a very pious place where our children, from day one, are just engaged in glorification of the Lord. Then, by the time they grow up, it’s too late.

We have children that grew up in this movement and one day a son said to his father, “You know, there is a difference between us. Your generation is always trying to remember Krsna but my generation, we’re always struggling trying to forget Krsna.

That is nice, if you grow up with Krsna as a child, you can’t get rid of him. He going to be there, even if you try, he is going to be there forever.

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